10 Social Media Time Management Tips For Small Business

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Time is money, and that has never been more true than in today’s competitive business climate. Managing the time your small business uses social media is key to creating success online and off. Follow these tips for effective social media time management.

1. Focus

Instead of launching full speed and signing up with all the popular social media platforms, focus on one or two and master them. This will help you hone your message. You will also be able to translate what you learn when you decide to expand your online presence.

2. Make A Plan

Do not make the mistake of jumping in thinking you are going to change how social media works. Social media time management for small businesses is all about figuring out who is doing it correctly. Plan to follow their lead while still staying true to what’s unique about your business.

3. Use Your Own Voice

Every successful small business has its own voice and culture. Use the personality of your business to engage people online. People respond to genuine voices.

4. Don’t Expect Perfection

One of the best small business tips in relation to social media is to understand the trial and error involved. Don’t expect perfection, especially if this is your first venture into social media marketing. If you make a mistake, own it and move on.

5. Ask Questions

Social media is all about engagement. Make sure you are both asking questions and responding to those your customers are asking in a timely manner. Receptive businesses get noticed online.

6. Schedule Your Time

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the rest are 24/7, but that doesn’t mean your business can afford to dedicate hours to networking and marketing on these sites. Decide on the times that are most effective and stick to the schedule.

7. Analyze

Look for patterns of user engagement. There are free tools you can use to track likes, comments and shares. Paying attention to what people respond to will help you focus on the tactics that are working and discard the ones that are not.

8. Be Civil

You have probably seen news about businesses that have responded to poor feedback in a rude manner. Your small business tips for social media have to include being professional and civil at all times. If you’re not, you are going to wind up spending a lot of man hours trying to curtail the public relations disaster that will occur.

9. Value Is King

Providing valuable content to your subscribers will lead to you having to spend less time chasing them. Valuable information gets shared with friends of the people who are following you, and this form of advertisement is priceless.

10. Have Response Protocols

No matter how well you manage your social media engagement, mistakes can happen and people can take things the wrong way. Have a plan on how your company is going to respond to such occurrences. That way you can immediately begin damage control instead of wasting valuable time trying to figure out what your response should be.

Post by Terri-Ann Cormier

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