10 Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

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Below are ten social media tips that every non profit can benefit from:

Use paid services judiciously.
Non profits have the opportunity to take advantage of many free resources that commercial businesses simply do not have. There is very little need for a non profit to invest in the paid ad services of, say, Facebook. With proper marketing, the audience will come to you.

Surround your cause with entertaining content.
Partner with exciting content creators to give your message an entertaining edge. It is always easier to draw people to your cause when you lead with something that you know they like such as music or comedy. Scour YouTube for talented up and comers that you can partner with.

Take advantage of non profit social aggregators.
Sites such as Change.org provide added validation and visibility for non profit efforts at no extra cost. Simply placing a petition on one of these sites or linking your home page to them will alert many people to your presence at a minimum of cost and time on your part.

Although you want to receive support from as many geographical sources as you can, your best bet is to solidify your presence within a specific area. You will then gain the added benefit of free PR from the supporters who feel a connection to you through geography as well as cause. Search engines also love when businesses localize their keywords – these sites are given preference in listings, increasing their visibility across the Web.

Get in touch with popular users on the social networks that you are using.
Every social network has its own celebrities. Find out who they are and see if they will endorse your cause. A simple mention from one of these taste makers will draw their entire audience your way.

Index your business properly.
Many non profits underestimate the importance of adding tags and using the indexing features of the social media websites that they are on. Being a non profit is no excuse for an unorganized presence!

Connect your sites to your home page.
Of all the social media nonprofit tips here, this is the most obvious and overlooked.

Optimize for your social media profiles, not your home page.
Major social media sites are more trusted within the major search engines than are new sites. If you optimize for your social media profile, you will find much more success in the search engines.

Link to .gov and .edu sites.
It is much easier for a non profit to be listed on a .gov or a .edu site than a commercial business and these links are gold when it comes to the search engines. .Gov and .edu sites are highly trusted.

Look for more social media tips within the FAQs of the networks themselves. Many great social media nonprofit tips are actually found in the FAQs of the sites themselves. Have a look!

And there you have it, these are my top 10 social media tips for nonprofits. What tips do you have? Anything I haven’t mentioned here, please comment below.

Post by Terri-Ann Cormier

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