Why Hire Us?

Considering moving your social media and online marketing efforts to the next level, but are unsure where to start? I’m very happy, you chose to land here! Now that you have, my goal is to explain to you WHY hiring Executed Solutions is essential to both your bottom line and to the success of your overall brand image.

Outsourcing specific parts of the business have been around for many many years. It has traditionally been done with Accounting or Information Technology, however with the changing consumer, and economic conditions, outsourced marketing are becoming much more common.

Social media and online marketing is one of the fastest and ever changing forms of marketing to date. There are new opportunities in how to fine tune your marketing efforts every time you open your computer screen.

Social media is not one of those areas in your business, you can do in your spare time. It requires commitment, and dedication to stay up-to-date with the ever changing movement.

The cost of a social media expert in-house is FAR greater than most small-medium sized companies require. The benefit of outsourcing your social media and online efforts is:

  • Save Money: Let’s face it, the cost of hiring an in-house marketing manager is in the range of $30k-$50k in most regions, if not more. Along with the salary costs, you have benefits, and government taxes, etc. to worry about. The majority of companies do not require a full-time social media manager, and thus need someone who can delve into their niche, have the expertise that they require, and can decipher a reasonable amount of hours that may be required to complete the job on a monthly basis.
  • Experience: Social media is a forever changing marketing platform, with new rules and applications being launched on a regular basis. If you are not 100% committed to researching, training, and staying up-to-date with these new trends and findings, you will find yourself behind in the social media marketing scope.
  • Flexibility: As needs change, so do we. We at Executed Solutions are able to change with the times, your budget, and your goals at the flip of a coin. We can tailor a contract that works with specific areas of your company, or with specific projects.

Need help with the whole project, bits and pieces, something specific? No worries, I’m able to be as flexible as necessary in working with your needs. The areas I can assist you and your company’s marketing efforts are vast, however here is a snapshot below:

  • Social media (implementation, design, content, management)
  • Training & Facilitation
  • Blog (set-up, writing, commenting, back-links, engaging)
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Social analytic/metrics
  • Creating surveys, polls
  • Copy-writing
  • And much more

Customizing a contract that both meets your needs, and your budget is my ultimate concern. At the end of the day if you’re not happy, then I am not doing my job properly. Contact us, and lets chat regarding your needs, goals, and see if there is a need for my services.