Why your Company NEEDS to Outsource its Marketing

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If you are an organization, a small business or a startup focused on other initiatives such as product development, outsourcing your marketing requirements is crucial. Deciding whether to hire an agency or an in-house team might be a confusing decision. Based on prevailing trends, especially for small business owners, hiring a marketing company is paramount.

Here are the benefits of doing so:

Saves on money
One major concern that business owners have is the price difference between hiring an in-house team and an agency. Hiring a company is less costly. Here is why:

  • You won’t pay healthcare/benefits costs
  • You won’t pay payroll taxes because an agency is an independent contractor
  • You won’t pay for the tools required to run marketing tasks efficiently

Although these costs may seem minor, paying for premium employees like those in a marketing agency will cost you a lot. Here is the average salary of the major marketing employees.

  • SEO manager-$40-60,000 annually
  • Marketing manager-$60-80,000 annually
  • Social media manager-$40-50,000 annually

On the other side, a marketing agency will charge an estimate ranging between $500 and $5,000 every month, subject to your marketing needs and budget.

Saves on time
Companies spend a lot of time when hiring new employees. You may spend months training them so that they can understand their roles entirely. Besides hiring, you will also spend time on managing employees and ensuring they perform their duties. With an agency, you will not spend all the unnecessary time; neither will they even occupy any office space. You will thus be free to concentrate on the core objectives of your company.

You will have a team of experts at your disposal
At the moment, the job market is at its peak. While this is favorable to the job seekers, it is not so good for the employers. Competition is high and companies are ready to pay huge salaries to retain the best performing employees. Therefore, if you want to hire top talent, you need to offer better pay. However, with an agency, you have access to top clients without having to spend lots of money. The experts in the agencies have handled similar projects previously thus you are assured of good performance.

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