Eight Basic SEO Tips

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There are many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques that a you as a business owner can use in order to quickly drive your website to the top ranks of the search engines. By implementing the majority of these SEO tips simultaneously, you can produce exceptional results.

Choosing Targeted Keywords

You should target certain keywords and keyword phrases in order to drive targeted traffic to your website, and targeted traffic usually generates very high conversion rates. Using free tools such as Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool can help you in deciding which keywords people are searching for within your market.

Consistently Posting High Quality Content

One of the most effective SEO tips is to consistently post high quality content on your website. The more often high quality content is posted, the higher your website will rank in search engines. What is high quality? Information that specifically pertains to your market, brand, and speaks to your target audience with substance.

Tip: You should always dedicate one page of your website to each article that you post. Ensuring you are using a proper blogging platform will assist in this. WordPress or Blogger are great platforms and very easy to use.

The Meta Tags

When creating a new webpage, ensure you or your website designer implement targeted keyword phrases in the meta tags of the page. Meta tags allow search engines to gain more info about your web pages. There is a great post on meta tags by Webdesign Tuts+ here.

Easy To Use Navigation

Investing in websites is an expense and takes time. To ensure you are getting the maximum dollar ROI, you should always ensure that your website is easy to navigate. The addition of a site map is also useful for search engines to better index your site – also helping to increase your rankings.

Establish High Quality Backlinks

Another great SEO technique is to establish high quality backlinks on other webpages. Backlinks that are on other websites that have a high pagerank will pass more authority to your website. Backlinks are incoming links to your website or web page.

Tip: When establishing backlinks you should use a targeted keyword phrase as the anchor text of each backlink.

Using Web Directories

Many website owners don’t use web directories, and as a result, many web directories are still relatively uncrowded. You can add your website to at least five web directories per day, and when adding a website to a directory, you should write a short description that includes targeted keyword phrases.

Tip: Ensure that the web directory ranks well within search engines. If it ranks well there, there’s a good chance it is trusted by them.

Pinging New Webpages

When you create a new webpage, you should ping the URL of that webpage. By pinging the webpage, the search engines will index it very quickly. Pinging your website is the online equivalent of standing up and screaming, “Hey You! Look at this!” to online search engines and directories when you make an update to the content of your website and/or blog.  The more you ping your site, the better your chances at getting more views. We like Ping-O-Matic for pinging our updated content. Check out this post for a list of other Ping Services.

Social Media Networks

As a business owner you or your staff should frequently post new content on your businesses social media networks, and each piece of content should include a link to your website and/or a landing page.

When the piece of content is shared and posted by other users of social media networks, these users will naturally build backlinks for the website.

These are just some tips to help improve your SEO, what have you done that has worked? Comment below!

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