How Facebook Marketing will Grow your Revenue

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How Facebook Marketing can Grow Your Revenue

Revenue makes a business float or sink, which is why marketing is so important. There was a time when the best way to reach people was through simple ads in a newspaper or on television. These mediums of communication are losing their steam very quickly as people spend most of their time on social media platforms. The following should help you understand how Facebook marketing can help increase your revenue.

Discovery is Possible

Social media sites like Facebook have affected many aspects of US & Canadian life, such as politics, lifestyle, and the way small businesses advertise.

At the moment, 65 percent of all adult Americans are using social media to do just about everything, from getting their news to finding a new business to buy from. That number is also growing according to most analysts. This means that your business has a high chance of being discovered by simply being on Facebook and marketing through there.

Facebook is the Most Effective B2C Tool

You may not think it is possible to use Facebook effectively, but as it turns out, this social media website happens to be the most effective B2C tool for small businesses. Eighty three percent of small businesses that wanted more B2C reported that Facebook was their most valuable tool.

Many small businesses have found it profitable to communicate directly through the social platform to promote sales, specials, or services that might be prudent to them. Apparently, the chances of a customer seeing these promotions, interacting, or even sharing is very high, just as long as you do it right.

Clients are Likely to Buy if They Can Find you on Facebook

It may sound a little silly, but people want to be connected to the brands or businesses they purchase from. This has made Facebook a very important tool for both large and small businesses. Fifty one percent of the users are likely to buy or use a service from a business they can actually follow on Facebook.

So, clearly there are many benefits to using Facebook for marketing. It will connect you to your customers but can also boost your revenue.

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