How to Change the YouTube Thumbnail to a Custom Image

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In our previous post, we showed you how to ‘Create a Custom YouTube Thumbnail’ and in this post we will show you how to change the custom thumbnail in YouTube.

Again, if your preference is to watch this via video – please watch below. However, if your preference is to read step by step – read below.


Steps in changing your YouTube thumbnail:

Step 1: Just a reminder that you need to ensure monetization is checked off for the video – otherwise you will not be able to change the thumbnail. If you missed this, go back to the 1st video to learn how to ensure it is checked.

Step 2: Click on your video manager – top right.

Step 3: Choose the video you will be working with and click edit.

Step 4: To the right of the video you will see a button called ‘custom thumbnail’ click it. And choose the image you made specifically for this thumbnail.

Step 5: Click save. Refresh your screen to see your new updated custom thumbnail.


Post by Terri-Ann Cormier

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