How to Use Big Data in Your Marketing

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Thanks to “Big Data,” that is the incredibly large amount of data that is on the Internet for the taking, companies have the best opportunity ever to communicate using appropriate content with their customers. The data allow a flow of critical information to every company that mines it to allow their customer communications to be highly personalized and targeted by segment. At the same time, marketers understand the important role that metrics play in providing relevant online content. Three important content related activities are driven by big data.

Brand Awareness

By analyzing big data, companies can develop strategies for building awareness of their brand. This is the number one goal of marketing and big data helps make it happen by analyzing key metrics such as,

  • Web site traffic
  • Your social media following
  • Where your traffic is coming from
  • Your number of social media mentions
  • Social media shares
  • Your number of influencer mentions
  • Branded searches
  • Your overall visibility
  • Where your traffic is coming from
  • The number of backlinks you are receiving from your content efforts


An important goal of content marketing is to create conversions – getting visitors to click through, sign up, or buy a product. This requires you to keep track of how long visitors are staying at a given position on your site. You will want to track any downloaded content too as well as what content they are consuming, and leaving.

This data is mostly available using website analytical tools and marketing or email automation platforms.

Customer Retention

Big data also has an important role in customer retention. Remember, it is far harder to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. Providing relevant and timely content helps build a loyal following of brand subscribers. To see how you are doing in customer retention you need to analyze your subscriber base and consumption numbers. These include time on site, click-through rate, and overall experience.

We all know that content is king. Nevertheless, without analyzing Internet metrics we cannot be sure which content is royalty and which is common.

Check out this very visually appealing Infographic designed by Budco:


Whats the Big Deal About Big Data?

by Budco.
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