Kids of the Past vs. Kids of The Internet Generation

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Isn’t it crazy how once upon a time our parents used to say, “When I was a kid…” and our instant response was to roll our eyes and think they’re just old! Well, now I say that exact line to my kids!

You see, when I was a kid we played outside all day, rode our bikes to the store with our handful of pennies we grabbed from the bowl in moms sock drawer, and then stayed up all night to see who could count all the stars (I usually won!). Gone are the days where you built a fort in your back yard with the kids in the neighborhood, only to destroy it and build a new more improved version.

My favourite cereal was always represented by the most popular television commercial on at the time, because television was the way to a child’s heart (and stomach) when marketing a product. I remember going to the mailbox when I was a kid and picking up the weekly flyers, where I then found my next BMX bicycle that Mom could buy me.

So you are probably wondering, ‘Hey isn’t this is an online marketing blog, not a blast into your past!” Well, yes it is, and quite quickly I will get to the point!

The reason I thought this Infographic was so interesting, was that it depicted the difference between my parents (Boomers), myself (Gen X), my siblings (Gen Y or Millennials) and my kids (Gen Z). Whoa! What a change in the technological world we have seen across these generations!

Depending on your business and who your target audience is, I believe this Infographic holds visually represented content around how to best reach those targeted audiences.

For instance I see lots of businesses trying to hold contests where they want their audience to submit a video to win say an iPad. While an iPad may be enticing to all generations, the content below states that only about 2% of ‘Boomers’ have posted a video of themselves, while 20% of ‘Millennials’ have. So from a marketing prospective this tells me that if my target market was the baby boomers, asking them to post a video to win a contest may not be the best use of my time and/or marketing dollars.

Similarly, if you are an organization considering the use of text marketing, the stats below show that 77% of ‘Gen X’ use their cell phones to text, while only 50% of ‘Boomers and Millennials’ do so.

Take a look and see if your marketing fits the generation you are targeting. Comment below with any interesting and engaging ways you’ve enticed your target audience.

Anyway, kudos to the designer of this very visually appealing Infographic!


Kids of The Past vs. Kids of The Internet Generation

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