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We all love them, we’ve all read them, and at the end of the day both solutions give us the end goal we are looking for – a good book! So the question is what track should you decide in your publishing efforts; should you publish an ebook or a traditional paper book?

I think the main question for any of us ‘want to be authors‘, self-publishers, writers, etc. is what to do? We obviously want to make a conscious educated decision. So as a marketer, the first thing I always look at are current purchasing trends.

For me personally there is nothing quite as sweet as the feel of a well read book, the way the paper moves between my fingertips, and the way a previously read book looks like a trophy on my bookshelves in my office. But, a very large majority is moving towards technology and all that comes with – including ebooks. Just recently my husband purchased me an Amazon Kindle, which we instantly downloaded some hot new books and began reading. Although I will admit, since purchasing he has read it more than I! I’m beginning to think it was a trick gift. Nonetheless, as much as I am for technology, I am finding it difficult to move from my much loved paper books over to the ebook.

With all that being said, I was privy to find the following Infographic from The following Infographic depicts the pros and cons of both ebooks and paper books. I think when deciding either or, the important factor is to decide who is your demographic, where are they reading books (ebook or paper), and what is your end goal in sales. We would all like to get a million dollars in book sales, but ultimately we can’t all be that book. So your niche, your message, and your market will all help in deciding which to choose.

Books vs E-Books

Learn about data visualization tools.The end result of this Infographic quite honestly still states that paper book sales are still beating ebooks sales. Now does that mean you should put a cold shoulder to ebooks? I think not, technology has a way of creeping up and becoming the ‘it’ thing very quickly. Ebooks have certainly made their mark with a good portion of people, now the question is how much quicker will they take over a larger demographic area.I know for me and my book being published in 2013, my choice is both! Why not, it seems to me that at this point in time that it may just be the best of both worlds.Whatever your choice, or if you have done one or the other previously – comment below and let our readers in on your experiences!

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