Social Media Marketing

The ability to attract, engage, and retain targeted customers is a key competitive advantage for top organizations.

Social media marketing is much more than a random post to your social media site. It’s also not about quantity over quality. Social media marketing requires knowledge, goals, and a properly implemented strategy.

At Executed Solutions our goal is to help you decide what the best course of action is for your social media and online strategic plan. Our main concern is to help you connect with your customers, whether they’re customers, employees, partners, or investors.

How you ask?

By using the latest and greatest of social media technologies encapsulated within your business strategy. Whether the goal is to engage your current customers, or create engagement with potential customers, we will help you leverage these via social media and online channels to solve business problems and create a wave of company growth.

Social media has changed the face of marketing as we know it, as well as the face of customer service in business. The scary fact is, if you are not using social media – you’re going to be left behind!

At Executed Solutions we get social media, and we are actively engaged and committed each and every day within the social networks. We understand what works and what doesn’t work. We know the rules of engagement, the rules of social media, and are here as your virtual marketing team.

Our goal is to get you to your goals!

We assist customers in growing their reach via social media by assisting in some or all of the following services:


  • Social Media Training/Consultation

Social media is a trend that is here to stay, however the fast paced evolution of how it develops can be hard to stay afloat on. At Executed Solutions, we can offer you one-on-one training and consultations or we can train larger groups. Check out our training and workshop page here.


  • Social Media Design and Implementation

From set-up to graphic design and copy-writing, we are able to assist you in all or some of the steps in setting up your social networks. Your time is valuable, let us save you time and money by setting up your social media networks – right the first time!


  • Social Media Management

Our #1 service here at Executed Solutions, is our social media management service. We offer clients the ability to have a virtual marketing team manage all aspects of their social media networks from content creation, disbursement, brand monitoring, and analysis. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals, ideal client, and overall voice and tone of the brand.


Hiring a social media manager saves you time, money – let the results prove this!


For more information on our social media services, please email us

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