Your Ideal Marketing Department

In today’s ever changing and unpredictable economy, companies just like yours are trying to find innovative ways to create growth, while ultimately lowering expenses. The answer is outsourcing to receive your ideal marketing department!

Outsourcing online marketing for your company is no longer looked at as a extravagant expense – it’s a necessity. At Executed Solutions you will receive top notch expertise in the areas of social media and online brand management, without the costly expense of hiring a full-time staff member (ie: wages, insurance coverage, supply needs, etc).

When you hire Executed Solutions as your outsourced partner, this will allow you the flexibility of receiving talented, proficient experts exactly where you need them. You don’t have to manage or train us – we take over while you focus on what is most important – running your company!


Not Convinced?

By choosing to outsource a portion or all of your online marketing needs to Executed Solutions you solve a multitude of issues that most companies face:

Fill the skill gap: Let’s face it, social media is forever changing and innovating itself and unless you are spending a good portion of your time researching and testing it – you’re not up to date! You are the expert in your company, our business is social media – that is where we become the experts!

Lessen the overhead burden: The added expense of hiring a full-time staff member is costly. The headaches that are often associated with managing staff (training, sickness, holiday pays, etc.) are virtually removed. By outsourcing  you remove this added expense and add value of having experts on your team.

A fresh perspective: As the owner of a company, you are likely aware that most people within your organization tell you what you want to hear. A very common occurrence is to be surrounded by people who feel the need to agree with your approach to business and/or marketing. Executed Solutions, offers a different perspective. We remove the fog covered glasses, and point out the areas that may need improvement within your on-line marketing plan.

For more information about Outsource Marketing, read the Havard Business School Review – Outsourcing Marketing by Gail McGovern and John Quelch. Click here. **Havard Business School reserves the rights to this document, please do not share as copy-write legalities are in effect.**


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