Social Media Trends for 2014

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As social media continues to break away from the mass worlds of Facebook into smaller, niche audiences, businesses are forced to follow the trends. If content marketing was the trend for 2013, then what will the trend of 2014 be?

2014 is showing a trend towards data and visually based marketing. The first content marketing was mostly text based, and with good reason. It is difficult to find completely new, original content at the drop of a hat. Crowdsourced text services popped up everywhere to help business owners fill their need.

One of the best ways to determine new social trends that are coming is to look at the purpose of the companies that are servicing the business community. There are now third party services that can help to organize data and find visual content aids for websites. This is one indication that the business community as a whole is moving towards trying to manipulate the search engines through new types of content marketing.

Data based marketing is a much more effective cousin of content marketing. Once you combine the ability of content marketing to consolidate keywords with the ability to analyze the data behind the impressions, you create a very effective tool for driving traffic.

Visually-based marketing is an offshoot of content marketing that was long overdue. We live in a visually-based society in which pictures are worth 1 million words, not 1000. It also helps a company to say more with less, improving loading times of websites and decreasing scrolling. Both of these activities are essential to success on the new mediums through which people are creating commerce, namely the cell phone. The screen is smaller and people do not like to scroll. There is also less memory available to load websites with bad coding and pages full of text.

As people become more in tune with multimedia and the data affecting their decisions becomes more openly available, businesses will respond by creating content that is directly related to those trends. You can expect more marketing that is based in consumer data and more marketing that is based on visual content.

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