Social Media — The Ultimate Promotion Tool

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Social media promotion makes it personal; just you and a sea of potential customers. The idea is to draw them in using Facebook, Twitter and whatever other networks are trending at the moment. Social media is the ultimate promotion tool, but how do you turn it on?

Why Social Media Matters

First, mobility, mobility, mobility – more and more people are taking their virtual lives everywhere they go. Pew Research Internet Project states 91 percent of adult Americans use some type of mobile device, and here’s a fun fact, 75 percent of them admit they take their phones with them to the bathroom. Social media is an ideal format for mobile use no matter where you are sitting.

Second, visual engagement; social media is all about the graphic dazzle. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are built around saying it with pictures. If you want to make a promotion pop, you make it visual – that is old-school marketing 101. The most practical way to make things visual in the modern world is through a social media promotion.

Tips for Amplifying Social Media

  • Light it up with color. It can’t be said enough, social media is a visual platform. Upload pictures of products, snapshots of the manufacturing process, talking bursts done as cute, colorful bubble comments – whatever it takes to catch their eye. The more color, the better.
  • Use your social media platforms as soapboxes. Every promotion should include questions and answers. Open up the discussion and get them talking about what you are offering.
  • Be funny. Humor wins every single time.
  • Be around. Social media is communication. If they are talking and you are not, they will move on to the next sparkly thing on the screen.
  • Teach them along the way. Readers love fast facts and tidbits of information. Feed it to them daily.

Make use of the free stuff, but reinforce it with paid ads. Start with a small ad budget. Target ads to fit your audience, too, for example, set a geographical area if you are trying to steer people to a physical location. Social media is the whole package for promotion, use it well.


Post by Terri-Ann Cormier

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