5 Essential Tips for Local Businesses on Facebook

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Growing a local business is no longer restricted to using traditional printed and city-wide advertisements. Instead, with the use of social media today it has never been easier to reach any audience, whether you are selling baked goods or if you are offering up services to locals near you. Implementing a few essential tips for local business on Facebook can ensure you are capable of growing any company you own.


Register the Right Vanity URL

Registering the right URL for your local business helps others to find your page while also keeping your page name relevant to your actual company name.


Schedule Updates

Schedule updates to post to your followers regularly, as consistency is key any time you are trying to boost your company’s reputation or simply spread the word of your brand or the products and services you have to offer. Frequently updating not only keeps your users and customers interested in what you have to say, but it also ensures that your updates are viewed by as many people as possible who are currently following or subscribed to your company’s page and its updates.


Interact With Your Audience

Interacting with your audience of followers is also important when you want to promote your local business using Facebook. Whenever you receive questions and comments, interacting with your followers shows you care and also helps to increase brand loyalty.


Offer Promotions Exclusive to Online Fans

Offering promotions and exclusive offers to your online Facebook fans is another way to boost sales and to receive additional walk-ins if you are sporting a local business. Giving exclusive coupons and discounts for shopping online or even in-store on Facebook is a way to increase “likes”, “shares” and the overall reach you are able to gain with each post you publish to your company Facebook page.


Put Facebook Insights to Use

Facebook Insights is a tool available for all business pages, allowing you to review your most popular statuses as well as the most-liked and well-received posts you have shared with your followers. The more you know about crafting successful posts your users enjoy, the easier it becomes to reach any audience or demographic you have in mind.


Understanding the importance of reaching your intended audience or demographic on Facebook allows you to not only connect with your followers, but also continue to build the number of users who are interested in your business.


Post by Terri-Ann Cormier

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