How Visual Content Will Dominate Social Media in 2014

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Move over, keywords. Visual content will dominate social media and digital marketing in 2014. With the rise of visual social sharing channels, brands have more ways to connect, promote, inspire, and engage their customers using images and videos. If you’re not using visual content in your social media presence, you stand to fall behind competitors who are embracing visual media.

The rise of visual content

Visual content is engaging because it instantly tells a story. Our brains can process visuals much faster than text. In today’s smartphone and tablet era, many consumers don’t have the time to read a long blog post, marketing email, or article. The rise of infographics and data visualization has paralleled the growth of mobile by offering an easily-digestible alternative to written content.

Visual content is also highly shareable. Consider the rise of Upworthy, the viral content site that combines powerful content with gripping headlines for feel-good results.

Finally, visual content can drive conversion. Studies report that companies with video content on landing pages increase conversion rates by 86 percent. Over two-thirds of customers perceive that images carry more weight than product descriptions or customer ratings. If you’re touting your new product line on Facebook, adding an image to your post will increase clickthrough traffic.

How to integrate visual content in your social media

Since visual content can help tell your brand’s story and showcase your new products, it lends itself well to social media integration. Proven ways to enhance your visual presence online include:

  • Create and use accounts on visual channels to develop a shareable content library
  • Photograph and share behind-the-scenes snapshots of daily life, product templates and other unique-to-you content
  • Hold an Instagram or Pinterest content or giveaway to build a library of user-submitted images showcasing your products
  • Replace stock website content with custom content
  • Create data visualizations to supplement reports, then share socially

As you build your library of visual content, you’ll discover new ways to share this content. You may even become a leader in your niche thanks to the power of social sharing.

Post by Terri-Ann Cormier


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